About us

Khun Jit and Khun Etienne "E.T."

We are a couple helvetico-thai. Etienne is a globe trotter who decided to achieve his dream to have a small hotel near the sea. Somjit is a native from Isaan region which has a strong hospitality tradition

The adventure began in 2013, when we took over a first guesthouse, Sukkasem Guesthouse, located on a wooden jetty over the sea.

After having processed important renovations, this property had a lot of success while helping us aquiring experience and eventually we became nr. 1 amongst chinese customers

Following this first success, we took over the Palada in 2017. Keeping best practices et acquired experience, we have renovated the rooms with the help of our family, to restore an elegant and convivial aspect to the property.

After the traditional blessing commonly done in Thailand, we have opened this small hotel and could quickly gain the trust of our European customers.

Finally, in 2020, the pandemic combined with economic and political problems in Thailand have constrained us to close Sukkasem Guesthouse et to focus on operating the Palada.

Since 2021, the hotel is managed as a family business under our supervision. It is with great pleasure that we welcome you in our guesthouse.

Palada Staff

"The importance is the journey, not the destination"

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Palada Guesthouse