Kwangchow Floating Market

Kwangchow Waterfall

Nested in the rain forest, near a small waterfall surrounded by beautiful nature, Kwangchow Floating Market is located in the area of Kwangchow Waterfall Park, Nong Ya Plong District, Phetchaburi. Based on the philosophy of Sufficient Economy, it allows the locals who live nearby to sell their products to tourists who have to pay a 20-baht admission fee from 9:30 to 17:00 every weekend and on public holidays.

Most of the products are vegetables, fruits, and various rare dishes and drinks such as Homok in a bamboo tube, Khanom Mo Kaeng in a bamboo tube, Tot Man Pla Krai, Traditional-style Hoi Thot Lum, Kway Teow Ruea Mo Din Kai Tun, Nam Waen Kaew Pan, Guangzhou-style Mu Yo Ho Phai, and Hmong-style Pad Thai.

Tip : It is about 2 hours drive from Hua Hin, so we recommend to combine this with a visit in Khao Luang and Khao Wang to optimize your journey.

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